Eco Club Started in 2013-14
Incharge : Smt. Amita Goraksha
                 Smt. Nazma Qureshi

Students prepared charts on several subjects. Student –Teacher interaction  held regarding several problems occurs due to science and had a discussion about eco friendly things.


We encourage our students to participate in many sports events on school, inter school, District, Zonal, State, National and International levels.

Co-curricular Activity Incharge 2012 - 2013

Name of the Game Incharge (Teacher’s)

Name of the Games

Mr. Bendale Ganesh S.

Badminton, Table Tennis.

Mr. Rathod Vikas S.

Kabaddi, Roler Skating, Lawn Tennis, Carrom

Mr. Bharambe Subhash T.

Swimming, Rifle Shooting, Tug-of-war, Foot-ball, Fenching

Mr. Vartak Prasad S.

Basket-Ball, Yoga, Mallakhamb, Rope Mallakhamb, Gymnastics, Cycling, Athletics, Soft- Ball

Mr. Ovalekar Rajesh K.

Kho-Kho, Chess, Throw-Ball, Volley-Ball

Mr. Rathod Santosh R.

Judo, Karate, Boxing, Tae-Kwon-do.

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Co curricular Activities

Smt. Mhatre Anita - Std. VIII to X
Smt. Kutumbe Padma - Std. V to VII

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External Exams

We encourage our students to appear for several external exams and also guide them for their better preparation.

  • Olympiad Exam (Cyber , English , Maths , Science).
  • Ganit Pradnya And Pravinya Exam for Std. V and VIII.
  • Maths Concept Exam for Std. V and VIII.
  • Ganit Prabhutva Exam for Std. V and VIII
  • Science – Balvaidnyanik Exam for Std. VI and IX
  • Sanskrit Gunavardhan Programme for Std X students
  • Drawing Grade Exam
    1. Elementary Exam for Std. VII and VIII
    2. Intermediate Exam for Std. IX

Sanskrit Compititions

  • Story Telling .
  • Amarkosh Recitation.
  • Bhagwatgeeta Recitation.