About Us - Principal


Welcome to the IES’s V.N.Sule School website. As you read through the pages of this site, you will learn about our wonderful students, our school, and get a feel of the vibrancy and strength of our wider VNS community.

“A school is a building surrounded by four walls with the future of society inside”. Therefore, a good educational institution proves to be an asset to society through its various programs aimed at academic, social, economic, mental, moral & physical development to ignite young minds and mould pupils to be good citizens and good leaders of the nation.

VNS is a school of approximately four thousand students and a teaching and support staff of over one hundred and fifty people.

The year 2013 marked the 50th anniversary of VNS. And on the occasion the institution was poised to take a new direction – a direction which will ensure that its future is even greater than its glorious past.
What would VNS be without its children ! Academic excellence along with co-curricular activities has been the hallmark of VNS as someone rightly said ‘the aim of education is the knowledge not the fact, but the values’. We provide a platform to our children to showcase their talents and discover new facets of their personality.

A well maintained school library, computer laboratory and science laboratory. It is worthy to mention that the school maintains its credit of academic excellence and has alumni which reads like a who’s list of high achievers.

V.N.Sule School is one of the leading providers of secondary education in Mumbai and is the flagship of all IES managed schools. We aim to give every student in our care the very best possible education in order to prepare them for life beyond school. We are a ‘Learning Community’ which encourages staff, students, past students and parents to involve themselves fully in all aspects of school life and to identify themselves with its core values of Respect, Responsibility, Integrity, Cooperation and Achievement.

At the same time, our vision of education extends far beyond the classroom. We encourage our students to involve themselves in the broad co-curricular program. Learning here takes place in many shapes and forms. Students have the opportunity to participate fully on the sporting field, on the stage, in leadership activities, Vocational Education and Training courses and on the Debating platform.
We expect high standards in all that we do at VNS. We encourage our students to aim high in their studies, to work hard and to be sensitive to the rights and needs of others.

It is our desire to provide an excellent education experience and to this end we appreciate community and parent inputs.

Of course, this website cannot take the place of visiting our School; I warmly welcome you to visit our school by contacting us, and discover firsthand what makes education here so special.